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Why Inclusion is SO important in children's entertainment.

Updated: Jun 10

Representation and Inclusion is so important... especially in today's world. We are living in a global economy where we are all connected, especially with technology. The days are long gone of turning on the TV and seeing no diversity on tv shows, movies and music videos. I do recall watching movies of white actors and actresses putting on brown face and acting out roles that were supposed to be Indigenous, Middle Eastern or from other parts of the world. I also recall that one of the only princesses that I could relate to as a child was Princess Jasmine. She looked like me... or at least, kind of?

Today, we have Princess Tiana, the sisters from the lively Encanto, Asha, Mulan and now a Black Ariel! Disney sees the importance of representation and we are seeing that in newer films that are being released. It is so important that this representation and inclusion trickles down to children's character entertainment companies. Sadly, as one of the only BIPOC children's entertainment companies in the Toronto region, I quickly noticed the lack of representation within companies in our region. When I decided to launch my own company, (out of my sheer obsession with everything Disney.... and motivated by my own 3 daughters) I noticed it's just not my region but all of North America. Representation is lacking and glaringly so. Dream Parties has taken it upon ourselves to fill this gap. It is so beautiful to see little one's faces see a princess and say, "she looks like me." After all, every child should feel that they could be a superhero or a princess or perhaps a fairy!

Dream Parties incorporates kindness lessons into all of our packages. Whether you're a Superhero saving the world like Spider-Man, or a carpet-flying beautiful Princess like Jasmine... kindness is at the centre of their magical worlds. It is and should be the center of our world as well. If we all have this magical power of kindness, could you imagine what the world would look like? Representation, inclusion and fair treatment towards one another would not be a question, it would be a part of who we are - as kind, compassionate human beings.

It is also very important to note, when selecting the company that you'd like to hire for your next birthday or corporate event, also consider the background of why the company was started. I started Dream Parties from the perspective of a mother, who is really obsessed with Disney and my own 3 daughters and really trying to make the world a better place for them. We recently got approved by a local school board to present to classes about inclusion and belonging with our sister company - Inclusive Child. Look at the company values and background and then choose whom you'd like to celebrate your little one's day with!

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